The Best Is Yet To Come

(September 18, 2011)

You’ve been gone for so long, and I almost lost hope
I’ve been struggling, fighting, slipping down this steep slope
After so long I almost lost all means to cope
We had everything resting right there in our hands
But it slipped through my fingers, like liquid grains of sands
Since then I’ve been so lost, stumbling through dark wastelands

I don’t even remember why we said goodbye
Sometimes the most beautiful fairy tales go awry
I simply can’t count the times I’ve wanted to cry
What we had was so gorgeous, the most beautiful song
And I tried and I tried to remain firm and strong
But what’s left to do when you’re so persistently gone?

You’ve been gone for so long, but I’ve always kept dreaming
In the depths of the night love has never stopped gleaming
But I wake up so lost and alone and I’m screaming
Cause my dreams can’t provide what your presence would bring
All this distance has stretched what’s left to but a string
For so long these dreams were all I had with which to cling

And then you returned, and the storm clouds retreated
And gradually my cold, frozen heart was reheated
In time our weary, worn damaged hearts were re-greeted
After so much time passes it all tends to be blurred
But your newfound presence almost seems a reward
Again forever is ours to claim as more than a word

You’ve been gone for so long, but you’ve come back at last
Now every moment will shine as its memory is passed
This potential regained is so incredibly vast
It’s amazing how two years melt away with such ease
Every moment’s now waiting here for us to seize
The world is once again ours to shape as we please

Standing here with you now the horizon looks so bright
I have never imagined there could be so much light
Not even my wildest dreams compare to this sight
Our love can now once again unfurl and blossom
What the future now holds, I can’t even fathom
We will always remember, the best is yet to come.

Posted by Eli Stanley | at 3:14 AM


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