Your Persistent Insistence

(July 26, 2011)

We’ve been running in circles now for far too long
I just don’t understand why you feel it’s so wrong
Too stubborn to grasp what's been here all along
Here staring us right in the face…

Every moment we share is so precious, at worst
I want so much more I’m afraid I will burst
But I know that I am not alone in this thirst
If only we’d finish this chase…

But when the struggles turn fierce I can close my eyes tight
And summon your presence with all of my might
While we’re laughing and loving you’re bathed in the light
Of a hope more intense than the sun
But my sheer force of will holds no power against
Your persistent insistence to run…

Any soft spoken word full of hinting within
Makes all of my armor just peel from my skin
And I’m left here to tremble and shiver again
As you inevitably wander away…

Every touch of your skin and the warmth of embrace
Every single last treasured brief glimpse of your face
Seem somehow to never be more than a taste
Despite anything I can say…

But when the struggles turns fierce I can close my eyes tight
For as long as I care we have unending night
And we’re laughing and loving this beautiful sight
Where our wildest dreams cannot be undone
But my sheer force of will is never enough with
Your persistent insistence to run…

You seem so content to remain on your own
And I just don’t know how to lead you from your throne
What good is the safety and comfort concealing
All of these things we both know you’re feeling?

I’ve let all the depths of my feelings display
And by now you would think I’d have seen things your way
…I’ve tried, but there’s no way to just wish you away.

Posted by Eli Stanley | at 9:13 PM


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